King Arthur Stamps

I recently returned to the hobby of Stamp Collecting. It has been a very very long time since I pursued the hobby. And I am so very glad to be back at it. It is almost an obsession!

This time around I have quite a few new interests and pursuits in my life including knights and all things medieval. Thus this website :) And one of the things I have learned in this go round is that stamp collecting lends itself very nicely to the enrichment of other hobbies and interests.

What I am getting to is that there are lots of wonderful stamps and stamp stories about knights and castles and dragons! Yup!

I just recently got a hold of a nice series of stamps dedicated to the legend of King Arthur. I absolutely love these stamps! They were issued by a country called St. Vincent. It is a small island country in the southern and eastern Caribbean Sea.

You can see a larger version of these stamps here.

There are eight stamps in the series and they depic these major things in King Arthurs lifet:

  1. King Arthur
  2. Merlin
  3. Arthur Becomes King
  4. Camelot
  5. The Lady of the Lake
  6. The Round Table
  7. The Holy Grail
  8. Sir Lancelot


About Stamp Collecting: I have started a whole new section of my main website devoted to the hobby of stamp collecting. If you want to learn more about the hobby check it out here: Stamp Collecting . I have lots of tutorials and interesting stuff about it.






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