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The World has very much embraced the medieval world. This is for a lot of reasons including a whole genre of great video games, lots of books, television shows and movies. But most of all it is because medieval and knight stuff is just so good! Anyhoo, on this page I keep you updated on all kinds of knightly and medieval stuff that you can see and participate in.





Full Metal Jousting - This is a television show by the History Channel. It is all about full-contact jousting and it is a competition where the winner will be awarded $100,000 dollars. Pretty outstanding show! More information including videos right here: Full Metal Jousting

Learn How to Joust, and fight with longswords, daggers and more. The Chivalric Martial Arts International association is having a four day event where you can learn European Martial arts from the masters. This includes mounted combat. More information here

King Richards Faire - If you live in New England you have got to check out this Renaissance Faire that goes on every autumn. Sep 1 thru Oct 31. More info on their website here and I have a video that I shot at the Faire. It includes jousting, performers and more . My Video at King Richards Faire Or you can just watch the video right here:



















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