Knight Orders of the Past and Present

Part of the mystique of the Medieval Knight is the secret societies and orders that they created and belonged to. Here is some information about some of the more famous orders both past and present




Did you know? Here is some interesting information about the term "Knight".

For the most part, and in most countries Knight's were closely related to horses. This is because a knight mounted on a horse was a very dangerous force to be feared. It took wealth to have warhorses for battle. This use of the horse had a big impact on the name knight. In many countries this is reflected in their names. In France a knight was known as a "Chevalier". In Spain he was a "Caballero". In Italy he was a "Cavalier". And in Germany he was a "Ritter". These are all derivates from the word horse or the word to ride. In England we find the exception to this rule where the term "Knight" comes from the anglo-saxon word "cniht" which means household servant or retainer.

Many societies didn't have any exposure to horses and when knights on horseback invaded into their territories it evoked terror and many myths such as the centuar from ancient greece.

The weapons of the Medieval Knight:

Here you can learn about the various typical weapons that a medieval knight wielded from the Mace to the flail, polearms and of course swords. The weapons of the Medieval Knight

The Armor of the Medieval Knight : There were many types of armor and they changed throughout the centuries, and varied from country to county. Here is more about the Armor of the Medieval Knight

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